Time Saver E-book Publishing Package

Time Saver

We understand if you have other places to be than in front of your computer learning to publish e-books. With the Time Saver package, Booktango can help format your e-book, correct pesky errors, anchor in-text images and lend a hand with basic cover design services. Meanwhile, you can get out there and enjoy what little free time your busy life allows you.

Imagine what you can do with this:

  • Manuscript Upload — You'll have access to our online e-book editor where you'll be able to upload your manuscript in the form of a Word document. We will support other formats in the very near future.

  • Formatting and Correction Services — Once you've uploaded your manuscript, we'll be happy to take the reins and format your e-book, correcting any formatting errors, such as hard returns, bad breaks and invalid fonts. While we do correct formatting errors, we do not make textual changes incuding correcting errors in grammar, spelling or syntax, nor do we perform advanced formatting and styling. You can still do this part on your own if you want; it's all up to you.  This service includes one round of corrections to the proof prior to your approval. Additional rounds of correections or corrections after your approval will incur additional charges.

  • DIY Formatting and Layout If you choose to try your hand at this yourself, our helpful and intuitive online e-book editor will walk you through correcting common e-book formatting errors to ensure your final e-book file will display properly on all devices.

  • Online Cover Designer  You will be able to use our online cover design tools to upload your own cover image or choose from our ever-growing library of stock images. (If you'd like a cover that's created by one of our professional cover designers, please upgrade to our Custom Cover Design service.)

  • In-Text Images — You will be able to submit up to 10 images that will appear sequentially in your e-book.

  • ISBN Assignment — Booktango will assign a unique International Standard Book Number to your e-book.

  • Selling Opportunities — Opt into or out of selling your e-book from as many of our online retailer partners as you like. Choose from Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google and Kobo.

  • Free E-book Copy — We'll send you a promo code that will give you access to a free download of your very own e-book.

  • Royalty Processing — We'll handle your sales tracking, reporting and royalty payments with acute accuracy.