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You’ve got ideas. You’ve got stories. You’ve got values and passions and knowledge. But what good will they do if you keep them to yourself? You have the power to inform, inspire and entertain. Why not use it?

Put your words to work.

With Booktango’s innovative e-book publishing platform, it’s simple to start making waves and turning heads with your words:

  • Publish for Free: For a grand total of zero dollars, you’ll gain access to all the tools you need to publish a quality e-book.
  • Create with Ease: Our online publisher makes it easy to get creative, properly format text and design a killer cover. 
  • Extend Your Reach: Our big-time retail partners deliver your e-book to Kindle users, Apple fanatics and Nook lovers alike.
  • Keep Your Money: With 100% royalties, Booktango won’t take a penny of your hard-earned e-book sales. You can’t beat that.

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